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Far-Darters Arise
Welcome to the official site of The Loyola Tournament Darts Club (LTDC). The LTDC is currently open to a select few students at Loyola but is planning to expand its membership to the whole student body. The club exists to introduce students to the beauty of the game of darts. Some of the reasons for the universal appeal of the game include the competitive atmosphere, the high probability of close matches, increased hand eye coordination, improved focus and the opportunity to practice mental math skills. 
Ketterling Wins Endless Summer Open
October 16 - In current news, Commissioner Jarrett Ketterling defeated LTDC President O.J. Rodgers 2-0 in the finals of the Endless Summer Open. Ketterling is now tied with Nick Newton for most wins all-time with four. Visit our tournament site to view the Endless Open bracket and results of past tournaments.
Jack-O'-Lantern Open Update
 October 18 - The second tournament of the season, the Jack-O'-Lantern Open, is officially underway. Here are up-to-date results:
Marcucci 2 Santini 1
Faucher 2 Iacobacci 0
Newton 2 Marcucci 1
Plimer 2 Donato 0
LTDC Hall of Fame
October 4 - Congratulations to the first three inductees to the LTDC Hall of Fame:
Nick Newton (2015-present)
Jarrett Ketterling (2015-present)
Christopher Mikus (2015-2017)
LTDC Executive 2017-2018
Jarrett Ketterling: Commissioner
O.J. Rodgers: President
Kevin Faucher: General Manager
New Equipment
LTDC Equipment Manager Stephen Mikus is planning to change club dart shafts from plastic to aluminum and thereby eliminate breakages. This season has witnessed an above average number of violent bounce outs and shaft breaks. Andrzej Fedorowicz is currently leading the tour in bounce outs and breakages. 
September 30 - The new LTDC polo will be available for purchase soon. 
Listed below are the leaders in tournament victories.
4  Jarrett Ketterling 
4  Nick Newton
3  Christopher Mikus 
1  Luke Grainger
1  Andy Plimer
1  Jeremy Iacobacci

Pictured below: Luke Grainger (holding trophy) defeated Devyn Vincelli in the final of the Phil Taylor Invitational which was the first LTDC tournament in history.
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