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Ted Staunton to Vist Loyola
September 17 - Loyola's secondary one classes will host author and musician Ted Staunton on October 10. Staunton wrote his first story as an assignment at university. He almost forgot to hand it in on time, but he’s glad he did because now he’s the award-winning writer of over forty books, from young adult and mid-grade level novels to non-fiction. He’s clearly getting better at handing things in on time. When he’s not writing, Ted plays acoustic music, often in the Maple Leaf Champions Jug Band. He always brings his guitar and banjo to school presentations as well. He enjoys running, reading, and playing, writing and listening to music. Ted and his family live in Port Hope, Ontario. Ted's newest book, Bounced, was released in January. For more information on Ted Staunton and his books check out his website.

Staunton, Ted. “Biography.” Ted Staunton Books. 2017.
The Loyola Review
September 12 - The 2016-2017 edition of The Loyola Review will be distributed to students on September 19.
Venture 2017
August 31 - The 2016-2017 edition of Venture, Loyola's arts and literature magazine, is now available for viewing online in full colour PDF format. Click the cover below to view the magazine.
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