Debate Team
November 20 - Congratulations to the debate team for a strong performance at Sunday's Aristotle Cup hosted by Marianopolis. Owen Rogers and Alex Lopez engaged in four rounds of fierce debating and also were great examples of men-for-others as they mentored Secondary I students who want to learn more about debating. Well done, boys and we look forward to seeing you at the next tournament.
Chess Club
November 20 - There will be a brief but important meeting for all those who signed up for the Chess Club TODAY at lunch. The meeting will take place in Room 219 at 11:45 a.m. sharp, and will only take about ten minutes.
New Apollo Darts Arena is Open
November 8 - The November Rain Open starts today in the newly constructed Apollo Darts Arena in the track. There will also be two regulation table tennis courts open for those looking to get in shape for the upcoming table tennis season. Students are reminded that they are not permitted on the track unless they are supervised by a teacher. Mr. Ketterling will be present at 11:41 AM. Visit the LTDC web page.
New Loyola Tournament Darts Club Open to All Levels
November 2 - There will be an information meeting TOMORROW at 12:00 in room 211 for all those interested in joining the Loyola Tournament Darts Club. Visit the club page for more information.
Robotics Team
October 19 - The Robotics Team will hold a brief information session for new members, in Room 353 after the end of classes today. Please come to the session if you have questions, if you are interested in joining, or if you have already put your name down and are planning to attend one of our upcoming training sessions.
Loyola Media Men
October 10 - We are looking for a few good men - Media Men, that is. If you are interested in a club that includes things like drawing, painting and video, if you want to help the school celebrate its creative side through exhibits and artistic competitions, you want to be a Media Man. Come to our first meeting of the year in the Art Room after school today. If you cannot make it and are still interested, please contact Mrs. Berner or secondary 3 student Rocco Santaguida.
Wilderness Club Members Return From Canoe Trip
September 24 - On Sunday, LWC members returned from their three day canoeing and camping trip in the Missisquoi Valley. The adventurers paddled the Missiquoi River, swam in her cool waters and lived comfortably on her banks. Click here to view the new LWC website and pictures from the trip.
Dungeons and Dragons
September 15 - Fans of the role-playing game rejoice. The return of the Dungeons & Dragons Club is near. If you are an experienced player or are willing to learn the rules "lightning-bolt" fast, come to an information meeting TODAY at the beginning of lunch in Room 208. Spots are limited.
The Loyola Table Tennis Club 
The Loyola Table Tennis Club (LTTC) is open to all members of the school community. The season begins in January and goes to the end of March. Click here to view the official LTTC page and access more information. 
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