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The Loyola News

Loyola News Editorial Staff


Gabriel Masi, Editor-in-Chief

Anthony Tortolano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Pictured at right and below: members of the secondary 4 Journalism class who are vital to the on-going development of projects for The Loyola News.

The Yearbook Team

Are you interested in making a lasting contribution to the history of Loyola High School? Why not join the Yearbook Team! Mr. Ketterling and Mr. Canella are looking for photographers, editors, layout designers and more. These are memories to preserve for a lifetime. Note: there are currently no new openings for team members.

The 2016-17 Yearbook Team Executive

Gabriel Masi, Editor-in-Chief

Anthony Tortolano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Alessio Cusmano, Head of Design


The Loyola News organization is always looking for new members to join our staff. Writers, journalists, photographers, artists, cameramen, filmmakers, cartoonists, poets and all other types of creative individuals are welcome! Be sure to visit this site regularly to find out when our next meeting is and listen to the daily bulletin. Also, you may contact the organization’s moderator, Mr. Ketterling, for more information.


Wondering how to become a better journalist?

The Loyola News is dedicated to making its staff members better journalists! We include links on this page that will aid staff in improving their journalistic skills.

Writing a Newspaper Article

Loyola News Staff