Media Scrum
November 22 - Pictured at left: Loyola News journalists engaged in a media scrum with student teacher Andrew Treffieson (Class of 2012) on Wednesday afternoon. Read about Mr. Treffeison in the upcoming issue of The Loyola News.
New Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor
September 29 - Congratulations to Owen Rodgers, who was named Editor-in-Chief, and Benedict Farrow, who was named Assistant Editor, for The Loyola News newspaper. 
Volume XV, Issue I
October 24 - Volume XV, Issue I of The Loyola News is available in the cafeteria. As well, you may read a full colour PDF version of the edition by clicking on the front page below.
Creative People For Hire
The Loyola News is a student organization that presents school news and other topics of interest in digital, print, video and audio formats. All members of the student body, staff and faculty are welcome to join the organization and to contribute. We are always looking for new members to join our staff. Writers, journalists, photographers, artists, cameramen, filmmakers, cartoonists, poets and all other types of creative individuals are welcome.
More Information
Be sure to visit this site regularly to find out when our next meeting is and listen to the daily bulletin. Also, you may contact the organization’s moderator, Jarrett Ketterling, for more information.
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