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Molson wins St. Michael Tour Championship

April 1 - The fourth season of the Loyola Table Tennis Club came to an end on March 31 with the completion of the tour’s only major, the St. Michael Tour Championship. It was another very exciting season and the tour championship was at times a very exhilarating affair. With as many as five players capable of finishing the season as the number one seed, William Molson withstood a late charge from Stephen Mikus to claim the trophy. It was Molson’s third victory of his rookie season. William was also awarded the MVP and Rookie of the Year trophies. Congratulations to all LTTC members for a great season and especially to club executives Gavin Delaney, Michael Magi and Michael Atallah and the DeLane News Network.

2017 Player Awards

MVP: William Molson

MIP: Stephen Mikus

Most Dedicated Player: Brennan Campbell

Rookie of the Year: William Molson

Another Mikus wins his first tournament

March 24 - For the second straight tournament, a Mikus has hoisted the trophy. Congratulations to Christopher Mikus who won the St. Ethelwald Open yesterday. Mikus defeated François St-Amour 2-1 in the final. It was the first victory of Christopher's career and he joins his brother Stephen as the only siblings in LTTC history to be tournament winners.

2017 champions

1. St. Fabian Open: Christopher Coré

2. St. Conan Open: Christopher Coré

3. Roger Federer Open: William Molson

4. Tom Brady Open: William Molson

5. St. Saturninus Open: Christopher Coré

6. St. Martha Open: Louis Genest

7. St. Angela of the Cross Open: Stephen Mikus

8. St. Ethelwald Open: Christopher Mikus

9. St. Michael Tour Championship: William Molson

Career Wins Leaders

7  Anthony Porporino

6  John-Anthony Néemeh

5  Anthony Evans

4  Benjamin Gauthier

3  Jack Drouin

3  Christopher Coré

3  William Molson

2  Jarrett Ketterling

2  Louis Genest

1  Evan Arzenshek

1  Frédérick-Yvon McAuliffe

1  Tomas Fresco-Giulione

1 - Stephen Mikus

1 - Christopher Mikus

LTTC Hall of Fame

1. Anthony Evans (2013-14)

2. Anthony Porporino (2013-2016)

3. John-Anthony Néemeh (2014-2016)

Tournament results

A complete record of LTTC tournament results can be found here.

LTTC Player Rankings 2017

Last update: April 1, 2017

Click here for the complete list of player rankings. Rankings have been finalized.

The official LTTC polo

Pictured below: the new official LTTC polo. Click on the polo for an enlargement.


International Table Tennis Federation

The International Table Tennis Federation (I.T.T.F.) is the governing body for all international table tennis associations, including The Loyola Table Tennis Club (L.T.T.C.). The role of the I.T.T.F. includes overseeing rules and regulations and seeking technological improvement for the sport of table tennis. You can click on the logo above to visit the I.T.T.F.’s official site.

The Rules

Read the official I.T.T.F. laws of table tennis. Click here for the short guide to the laws of table tennis.

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