What is Venture?
Venture is Loyola High School's annual literary publication that features the best poetry, prose, artwork and photography from the student body. If you are interested in submitting a piece of work to have a chance of being featured in this year's printed magazine, please submit to If you are interested in joining the Venture Editorial Board and contribute to the production of this magazine, please contact Andrew Burcar, Mr. Pantazopoulos or Mr. Vani. We look forward to looking over your submissions. Happy writing!  Please submit all writings in an editable Word document format. Artwork and photography can be submitted in JPEG or PDF format.
Fiction 55 Contest
Ongoing creative writing contest until early December. Produce a piece of fictional creative writing of exactly 55 words (title not included) and submit to in a Word document format. Winner to be announced after the contest concludes. Please contact Mr. Pantazopoulos, Mr. Vani or Andrew Burcar if you have any questions.
Venture 2017
The 2016-2017 edition of Venture, Loyola's arts and literature magazine, is now available for viewing online in full colour PDF format. Click the cover at the right to view the magazine.
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