The Loyola Wilderness Club
Welcome to the official page for the Loyola Wilderness Club (LWC). The LWC exists to provide students with the opportunity to travel into and explore the great wilderness areas of our planet. It is hoped that students will come away from their experiences with a profound sense of self and a greater appreciation of our natural habitats.  
First Adventure
The first adventure of the new season is scheduled for September 22-24, 2017. The activities will include canoeing and camping. Click here for the detailed information and permission form. 
Preparatory Meetings
In order to properly prepare for our first adventure, those who expressed interest must be present in room 211 at 3:10 PM on Tuesday, September 19 and at 11:45 AM and 3:10 PM on Thursday, September 21.

There are many times out in the wilderness that people end up not having fun because they do not have the proper equipment. Please navigate to our Equipment page for information on all the equipment that you need for an enjoyable trip into Mother Nature. 
Garments made from high-tech fabrics are designed for active use in inclement settings. They let you rip, ride, or roam without feeling all wetted out or weighed down. Extreme hot, cold or wet are no barriers to enjoying the great outdoors if one is properly dressed for the occasion. Please navigate to our Clothes page for tips on establishing a formal wilderness wardrobe.  
Unlock your inner gourmet and prepare scrumptious meals on your next wilderness trip. Wilderness adventure does not mean sacrificing nutrition and meal variety. Any delicacy that you create in a civilized kitchen can be fabricated in the wilds. Please navigate to our Food page for all your wild culinary needs.
After a discussion about wilderness adventure between teacher and student in a secondary two religion class in the spring of 1994, Mr. Jarrett Ketterling and then student, Richard Joyner, decided that Loyola High School needed a wilderness club. The rest is history. After twenty-three adventure-filled years and over 100 trips, the club is going strong.
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